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CubeSat Database

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SUNSET 2 - Near Space Balloon

SUNSET 2 – Near Space Balloon

SUNSET2 was launched and recovered successfully a few weeks ago. This was my second attempt at a Propeller powered near-space balloon. You can read about the partially successful first attempt here. The motivation for SUNSET2 came from a friendly guy named Mark Shepstone, who approached me through the university.  He had read about my previous...
SUNSET 1 - Near Space Balloon

SUNSET 1 – Near Space Balloon

For my final year electronic engineering project I designed and launched a near-space balloon powered by the Parallax Propeller.  My 50 page report, a slideshow and firmware can be downloaded here,  but I will also give a short description below: The project was called SUNSET (Stellenbosch University Near-Space Engineering Testbed). It had the following capabilities:...