Ever since reading about the first mars rover, Sojourner, I have been fascinated by autonomous rovers.  Building something which must go out and survive on its own, possibly on a planet far away, is such an interesting challenge!

I have built many things over the years, but I am most proud of my three “Mars Rovers”.  Each rover contains a microcontroller brain and several sensors, allowing it to perform missions autonomously.  Many hours have been devoted to designing, building and upgrading these rovers.  I have never had fancy tools or materials at my disposal, but I enjoy the challenge of making use of what I have.  My design process typically starts by taking a trip to the hardware store to see what bits and pieces I can use in my design.   Most of my designs evolve out of the construction process.

My first rover, Rover Mk 1 (left above), was built during highschool.  The other two rovers, Crabby (center) and Sandy (right), were built during my time at Stellenbosch University.  Each rover is described in detail in the posts below.